February 2012

Jobs Rate Drop - Long Beach Isn't Feeling It

One of the more difficult areas to find jobs today is in Long Beach. Those who live and work in the area are looking for jobs and career fulfilling positions that will pay for their needs and help them to build their American dream. Some reports indicate jobs are on the rise, there are still thousands within the city's Metro area still looking for positions that are going to pay the bills. The good news is that there is evidence things are improving across the board.

For those who live in Long Beach, the job market continues to struggle. With some of the recent announcements of companies moving out or reducing payrolls (or even those shuttering their doors) it has become one of the most challenging situations out there to find work. Yet, that is not what the reports are indicating.

Long Beach Job Market May Be Impacted by Defense Cuts

The Long Beach job market may once again, be the target of the latest cuts that could reduce the workforce in the area. The country is slashing its defense budget significantly and as a result, many of those employed in this area in California, including Long Beach, could see a drop in employment.

The Pentagon is pushing out plans to reduce the budget for defense spending for the first time since the 1990's. In doing so, tens of thousands of California jobs in this sector, could be lost. 20 years ago when such cuts occurred, it cost the state about 500,000 jobs. The state is no longer as dependent on this type of defense spending as it once was but these job cuts especially in the rattled Long Beach job market could be problematic nonetheless. In total, about 126,000 jobs in the state could be affected by the job cut.