January 2012

Long Beach Job Market – Boost from Port Expansion


Take a deep breath. For those who are looking for jobs in Long Beach, a new opportunity may be out there and in the works. After a full year of negotiations, there is an announcement that states that the Port of Long Beach will be working with Orient Overseas Container Line to develop the Middle Harbor region. By adding to this facility, it could make the Long Beach port the busiest in the country and it will add thousands of new jobs to the city, a city that needs them.

The plan will provide a 40 year lease to the company, a shipping company from Hong Kong. The company does container shipping as well as provides logistics services. The project is the largest port terminal project on the continent as it will cost $4.6 billion.

Long Beach Job Market: Boeing Jobs Coming

It was announced this week that airline manufacturer Boeing will be closing one of its plants in Kansas. The loss of about 800 jobs there is not good news for the area, but it does mean a slight uptick in the number of positions in the Long Beach job market. The company plans to bring about 100 of its jobs from that plant closure into the Long Beach market. You could be up for one of these positions.

The Changes

Boeing will be closing its defense plant in Wichita within the next year. The plant's rumored closure upset many of the politicians in the area, as well as its employees. Yet, many believed that the company would move far more of its positions from the Wichita plant to the Puget Sound region. However, the move will only allow the region to see an increase of about 100 jobs. Many of the other jobs will go to other plants or will be eliminated altogether.