Long Beach Job Rates Down

Long Beach Job Rates Down

The Long Beach job market has been through a number of rough patches in recent history and there is no doubt that there are thousands of people still looking for work. However, there are now fewer people who are looking for jobs than there were just last month, a new report indicates. This is good news that the city, and the area as a whole is seeing an improvement in the economy. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Report

According to a report issued on Friday, the number of people jobless in Long Beach fell for the third month in a row for the month of November. It dropped to 12.7 percent, which is still incredibly high but a significant number. The state's unemployment rate also fell, down to 11.3 percent. This marks the first time since 2009 that the rate has been this low.

Still Need Improvement

While this information proves to be a positive turn for the area, the number of jobs available is still significantly lower than it should be. The public works projects underway added about 2000 positions in the areas of engineering and construction. Due to an investment of $950 million to build a bridge to replace the Gerald Desmond Bridge, there will be an addition of about 4000 workers to the payrolls through 2016. However, there have been incredibly layoffs, too. Some of those layoffs come from the real estate, tourism, transportation, trade and education industries.

Hearing the news that the economy could be looking up, do you feel more at ease about finding a Long Beach job? The market may not be where it needs to be, but improvement is incredibly important right now.