Occupy Long Beach Plans to Remain in Place

Occupy Long Beach Plans to Remain in Place

The Long Beach job market is anything but what people need it to be. It is just one of the many concerns and complaints from those participating in the Occupy Long Beach protests taking place throughout the city. Those who are a part of the movement, which stems from a similar protest taking place in New York City in the Wall Street area, is hoping to gain the attention of those who will make changes. While it may not be the loudest demonstration, it seems to be the one that is getting the most attention.

It Hasn't Been Easy

There have been plenty of run ins with the law and, after a disagreement about when they were allowed to get their belongings, it became fairly clear that the Occupy movement was staying put. The rift with police is about the requirements that people cannot sleep on the city streets as it is a violation of law.

What Is Your Problem?

For those who are a part of this movement or any other, there is almost always a defining reason to get involved. For many in the Long Beach area, it is the job market and the overall state of the economy in the area. Like many other areas of California, this area has been hurt badly with the falling of residential property values, a lack of jobs and the seemingly endless number of businesses moving out (which only makes the problem that much more difficult.) The Occupy Protesters promise to remain vigilant and in place long term. Are they doing any good? Are you a part of the movement yourself?