Long Beach Jobs - Are You Finding One?

Long Beach Jobs - Are You Finding One?

According to recent reports, the Long Beach jobs market is on the rise. Reports out on November 18 indicate that the city's unemployment rate fell in the month of October from 13.4 percent to 13.1 percent. This may not seem like a significant improvement overall, but it means a few thousand people found jobs. This information came from a report issued by the Employment Development Department.

Where's It From?

The unemployment rate has been in decline, which is good news for those who are looking for Long Beach jobs. Over the last few months, the unemployment rate has fallen from 13.9 percent in the month of August. The most modern high was in July when the Long Beach jobs market was at its worst. At that point, the unemployment rate was 14.6. It is safe to say, of course, that there is a long way to go. There is no doubt that anything in double digits is unacceptable, but it looks that some people are getting back into the hiring process.

Unemployment rates across the country reportedly fell over the last session. The rate for the Los Angeles County feel 12.2 percent in October, a drop from 12.4 percent it was the month before. The state's unemployment rate was 11.7 percent for the month of October. Nationally, the rate is 9 percent.

What are you doing to find a job in Long Beach? Is the Long Beach jobs market improving from your point of view? Most importantly, what types of jobs are you looking for?